Payroll System

Payroll system is customizable software that is designed by Dewan Consulting, we can insert/modify/delete features from the payroll system if needed by our clients’.

Payroll system is designed to facilitate Salary Components, Social Insurance, and Salary Tax calculations with all the details needed for the monthly transactions done. The payroll system also provides a wide set of reports that are needed for all the payroll procedures; these reports are also tailored to fit each client separately.

Main Reports:

  • Review reports is a set of reports to review all the data entry for each employee.
  • Monthly transactions report including all employees transactions.
  • Monthly Salary Detailed Reports printed according to organization structure groups ( Sections, Department, Cost center, Jobs …)
  • Monthly Salary Summary.
  • Pay Slips.
  • Social Insurance Detailed By Social Insurance Office.
  • Social Insurance Summary.
  • Bank Transfer Report
  • Bank Letters
  • Annual leave follow up
  • Year to date Salary Detailed Year to date Salary Summary

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